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The Seattle Energy Performance Score Program
Part of Community Power Works
Homeowners can receive an EPS for their home by participating in the City of Seattle's EPS Auditing Program.

The first step is to schedule an audit with a professional Auditor. Seattle City Light currently subsidizes the cost of an EPS Audit. These audits typically cost $400 and up, but EPS Audits only cost a homeowner $125 ($200 if over 3,000 square feet). Clicking here or on the "Audit My Home" link from the home page will start you on your way to receiving an energy audit.

After your audit and the Auditor's analysis, you will be able to review your home's EPS and the accompanying Energy Analysis Report online at this site. You will be notified via email when the documents are ready for your review.

Although the EPS and the Energy Analysis Report provide great information, that alone won't make your home more energy efficient. This site also allows you to request and review preliminary estimates from qualified contractors, explore financing options and learn about the latest incentives available to you.

Sign up today and start saving energy for many tomorrows to come.

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